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William F. "Bill" Kaiser

HELLEBORE: A Novel of Reconstruction
BLOODROOT: A Novel of the Civil War
Excerpts from BLOODROOT
William F. "Bill" Kaiser's Biography
Civil War Research References


Very well done; I felt like I was right there with Billy Jack and Elvira May eating corn fritters and fat back, drinking water from the creek....Thanx for a great read; enjoyable, interesting and enlightening.

Dickie B.


I enjoyed reading your wonderful book. I read it in two days. Could not put it down. You made the history come alive on the pages and I so enjoyed learning more about the war through the lives of Billy Jack and Elvira May. Your book will be a valued addition to my library.

Kathy L.
Pisgah Forest, NC


...(Y)our book was the best thing I've read since reading Seabiscuit a few years back.

David S.
Raleigh, NC


Your book was every bit enjoyable as I hoped it would be.... (T)he story was such an interesting visit into the days of the civil war.

Mark S.


I can only hope my work (novel) will be as magnificent as your own, characters so deep and endearing, settings so beautiful and full of lush life, themes so intriguing and thought provoking.

Tyndall D.


Your description of the North Carolina mountains was wonderful and I could picture the characters as I read about them.

Nancy K.
Wilmington, NC


I enjoyed your work, the settings, the characters and the pace at which it moved. Thank you for creating such an enjoyable read.

Mia P.


I read the entire book in 3 nights. I loved it! I loved the detail you went into on everything; made me feel as though I was seeing through Billy Jack's eyes.

Ritchie B.
Siler City, NC


It's exactly the kind of book I like -- a good story, well-written with a history background. I like to learn while I read.

Berle G.
Hollywood, FL


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P.S. Are you interested in preserving historic Civil War sites for you, your children and your grandchildren to visit? Even if you are not concerned about Civil War sites, are you interested in preserving green space, forests and hiking trails these sites offer so you and future generations will have them? Financial support of the Civil War Preservation Trust is a way you can participate in land conservation.

For information visit the organization's website or call toll-free at 1-800-CWTRUST or write to

Civil War Preservation Trust
11 Public Square, Suite 200
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Thank you,

William F. "Bill" Kaiser * North Carolina Writer